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Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning Services in Henderson

Beat the Heat with TempRite

When it comes to air conditioning services, local homeowners are happy to call TempRite their go-to provider. We are happy to help people in the area stay cool in this hot climate. Air conditioning systems are a necessity, now more than ever, and there is no reason not to be proactive when it comes to your AC. Whether you need repairs for your air conditioning system, or any kind of maintenance work, one of our Henderson AC installation and repair team members can be on the scene quickly to make sure the job is taken care of.

Reliable Henderson AC Repair

For more than 15 years, TempRite has served the people of the area with top-quality air conditioning repair. We are a trusted name in the area for service, and we offer free in-home consultations, so you will have a good idea of exactly what work we will be doing, and how much it will cost.

Some of the most common air conditioning issues we address include:

  • Poor air flow
  • Loud noises and odd smells
  • Cycling frequently
  • Refrigerant leaks
  • Frozen evaporator coil

At TempRite, we believe strongly in great customer experience each and every time you work with us, and for air conditioning repair in Henderson, this is no exception.

5 Signs You Need AC Repair

1. Strange noises - Some noise is okay, but if you're hearing banging sounds or a screech that does not sound like an air conditioner, then call in our Henderson AC repair pros.

2. That smell is kind of off - If you're getting that strange, musky smell of mildew then you might just need a good duct cleaning. But if something smells like it's burning then you're in need of AC repair.

3. Rising utility bills - This could be happening for a couple of reasons. First off, if your ducts have a leak, it's possible that you're losing cool air and your AC needs to work extra to keep your room at the desired temperature. If it's not your ducts, then your unit might not be operating at 100% and not resting as much as it should.

4. Short cycling - If your unit is turning on and off repeatedly, it's your compressor that's on the fritz. It could be happening for a bunch of reasons so call in your Henderson AC repair experts and we'll get your unit back to normalcy.

5. Your unit won't turn on - This could just be an electrical issue. Try resetting the fuse or testing another appliance from the same power source.

Is It Time for an AC Replacement?

When your air conditioner is over 15 years old and breaking down frequently, replacing the AC is a practical solution. New air conditioners are not only highly efficient, but they can also save you the headache of calling for emergency repairs. TempRite offers quality cooling systems from industry-leading brands and can help you select the best one for your home. No matter which AC brand or model you choose, you can rest easy knowing our Henderson AC installation technicians will provide you with proper installation backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Request an Appointment Today

When it comes to air conditioning services in Henderson, TempRite will be your friend in the process, making sure you are staying cool in our Nevada climate. Client satisfaction is something we take very seriously, and we are happy to serve you. Let our Las Vegas air conditioning repair team help keep your home and family cool, comfy, and happy.

Give us a call at (702) 323-5113 to request Henderson AC repair or replacement. We're available 24/7 for cooling emergencies.

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