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Kitchen faucet running water

What is Hard Water and How Can it Impact Your Home?

Is your home’s water doing everything it can for you? That may seem like a strange question with a simple answer. On the surface, yes, your home’s water is doing everything it can for you. You have proper water pressure in your shower, the kitchen faucet operates correctly, and the temperature when you turn on the shower is exactly what you need it to be.  But if we dig a little deeper, there are ways that your water may not be exactly what it appears to be. You may not even know if your water is hard water or soft water.Stemless wine glass with hard water stains

You may be overwhelmed with hearing that. You may be thinking, “I’ve never heard of that! What’s the difference between hard and soft water? And what do I have in my home?” These are understandable questions that we at Temprite Air Conditioning would be glad to answer for you.

Here’s how you should be able to tell if your home does indeed have hard water:

Examine Its Smell and Taste

If your water has a funny smell or even if it tastes “off,” that is a clear sign that your home has hard water. When hard water is in your home, common reactions are that their water tastes metallic, or tastes like dirt or even rotten eggs.

You Often Don’t Enjoy Your Shower

Let’s face it—your time in the shower or bathtub is supposed to be a time to relax, indulge, and get clean and fresh. But if you can’t enjoy your experience in the shower as a result of low water pressure, hard water may be to blame.

Another sign you may have hard water in your shower is if you can’t get a good lather with your soap. While that may sound silly, hard water doesn’t react well to soaps and shampoos, so if you often step out of the bath and still have a soapy residue on your skin, hard water could be responsible.

Soap Scum and Stains Quickly Accumulate

Does it ever feel like no matter how often you clean your bathroom or kitchen, soap scum and inexplicable stains still frequently and quickly form? If that sounds like you, then hard water may be to blame.


If your soap scum is a result of hard water, it will look like little white, hard water spots have formed in your tub or sink. This is because calcium deposits are left behind when the water dries. If you are getting strange stains in your toilet or shower that are a brown or reddish color, this is another indication that your home has hard water instead of soft.

Now that you have some insight into hard water and how it can impact you and your home, let us help you with resolving some of its potential issues. Call Temprite Air Conditioning today for a consultation of your home at (702) 323-5113 or reach us by email at