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How Does Your Air Conditioner Affect Allergies?

In our Southern Nevada desert heat, air conditioning is all but essential. Air conditioning not only cools our air, but lowers indoor humidity and filters out allergies like pollen from the outdoors. If your system isn’t functioning at its optimal level, it could aggravate your or your family’s indoor allergies.

Your first line of defense: Filters

Although sealed homes and buildings make air conditioning more efficient, lack of fresh air means that indoor air quality is often poorer than the air outdoors. Your central air system recycles air throughout your home. Each time this air cycles through, it becomes drier, making it easier for allergens to float up from their resting places and become airborne. If not properly filtered and disinfected, the recycled air in your home can be contributing mold spores, pet dander, dust mites, and other indoor allergens. The first line of defense for air purity is your HVAC system’s filter.

Ensuring that you’re using the proper filter, along with changing it regularly, not only extends the life of your unit, but also lowers your monthly energy bill by increasing efficiency. Most importantly for allergy sufferers, a clean and unclogged filter keeps your indoor air healthier. Marking on the calendar when your filter should be changed can help you stay on top of this simple task.

Further solutions

If you stay on top of filter changes and still suffer from sinus congestion, lung and other respiratory problems, as well as allergy symptoms, you may need to consult your local HVAC contractor. Maintenance inspections can find inefficient or worn out parts in your system. Air duct cleaning and air purification systems can help reduce the amount of allergens circulating in your home, as well as keeping floors, carpets, and curtains free of dust and pet dander. If you suffer from indoor, but not outdoor allergies, ventilating your home periodically or going outdoors throughout the day can also alleviate indoor allergy symptoms.

TempRite Air Conditioning, Heating & Plumbing, a family-owned HVAC contracting business serving the Las Vegas area for over 20 years, provides free estimates and indoor air quality recommendations for both residential homes and commercial buildings. Our solutions include air cleaners and filtration systems, UV disinfection, and all-room humidifiers. To learn more call us at(702) 323-5113.