Henderson & Las Vegas Residential Humidifiers

When you consider the weather extremes of Southern Nevada, your air conditioning and heating systems do a great job of maintaining your home’s temperature. In addition to temperature, however, humidity plays an important role in the comfort level of your home’s indoor air. It is arid here, and the dry heat is something many residents value and enjoy. But, while our famous desert climate offers many advantages, it also comes with a cost.

The continued use of air conditioning and furnace units removes moisture from our already dry air, and the resulting low humidity levels in your home can lead to health issues for you and your family. Parched air is a major contributor to dry and cracked skin, dehydration, frequent sore throats, and recurring nosebleeds. In addition, allergy and asthma symptoms are often compounded by air that lacks proper humidity.

Benefits of Las Vegas Whole-House Humidifiers

If you’ve used a portable humidifier, you know how inconvenient, inefficient, and inconsistent they are at maintaining proper humidity levels. A whole-home humidifier from TempRite monitors and maintains the proper humidity level throughout your home—so you’ll enjoy healthier, more comfortable air.

TempRite technicians are experts in testing, designing, installing, and maintaining whole-house humidifier systems. We’ll make sure you have the right humidifier for your home, and make certain it’s successfully and properly integrated into your existing HVAC systems for optimal results.

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