Henderson & Las Vegas Commercial Indoor Air Quality

The temperature inside your business, regulated by your air conditioning and heating systems, is essential to the efficiency of your employees and the comfort of your customers. Few business owners, though, give much thought to the quality of their indoor air, or consider its effect on their health. In fact, indoor air quality has a much greater impact on health than the temperature inside your facility.

Studies from independent industry experts indicate that the air inside our buildings is often several times more toxic than outdoor air. While tight, energy-efficient buildings help to reduce your energy bills, they also reduce the flow of fresh air through your facility. This inadequate ventilation allows trapped pollutants to accumulate, including:

  • Mold & fungus
  • Dust
  • Smoke
  • VOCs & chemicals
  • Allergens, bacteria & viruses

Illness and allergic reactions, including respiratory congestion, headaches, sinus infections, lung conditions, and allergy symptoms (sneezing, coughing & watery eyes), are all common reactions to poor indoor air quality.

Benefits of Commercial IAQ Services in Las Vegas

Healthier employees make for a more productive work environment. To help you optimize the comfort and well-being of your team and customers, trust TempRite with your indoor air quality concerns. We carry a complete line of products designed to eliminate over 99% of allergens and pollutants from the indoor air at your warehouse, office building, or home.

During a visit to your business, our technicians carefully assess indoor air quality. Then, we recommend solutions that filter and disinfect toxic air. Expertise includes:

  • Fresh air ventilation systems
  • UV disinfectant systems
  • Electrostatic air cleaners
  • Air filtration systems
  • Commercial humidifiers

Schedule an IAQ Consultation for Your Facility

Avoid sick-building syndrome and keep your facility’s air fresh and safe. Give the indoor air experts at TempRite a call today at 702.568.5081 to schedule a commercial IAQ evaluation. Experts in air quality and humidity levels, our skilled technicians specialize in innovative IAQ strategies that are affordable and proven to work.